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140823 RCTI :

After oppa oppa actually the staffs had put on the tables for swing.. but they took them off from the stage bcos sjm said the next song is a-oh. then when they were readying to sing a-oh, suddenly swing’s intro was played… the boys looked really confused but being professionals they are, they sang along to the song and performed first half of swing awkwardly without the tables =__= 

then later when they were readying for real to sing a-oh, breakdown’s intro was played….. hyuk looked surprised and made hand signs that the song was wrong but staffs didnt respond. hyuk finally started dancing to the song and donghae followed (the rest one by one followed with confused faces). the song stopped tho eventually and they looked relieved. again tho, the intro that played next wasnt a-oh but swing…. at this point kyuhyun was kinda facepalming and mumbling (i think he was a little mad orz) and talked to donghae, maybe complaining. hyukmin were also talking like what should they do etc. thank goodness the song was stopped and /finally/ a-oh’s intro was played so they can person. but the damage had been done and i am still ashamed thinking how rcti staffs had made the boys looked bad when it wasnt their fault on the first place :/

also when donghae apologized for his mistake for saying the wrong country, he really apologized sincerely. but damn people near the stage (i heard them clearly) boo-ed him and i think it made him really nervous :( he made a mistake and yes i was surprised he did it but he apologized for it so i didnt understand when people shouted badly at him…orz

tl;dr event organizers sucked badly, the boys tried hard but was misunderstood. sorry boys



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excuse you (x)

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└ Terms of use → Full copyright goes to the photographer.
Any kind of modification and commercial use is prohibited.

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